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现在我们周围的环境污染越来越严重。作为一个中学生,我们应节约资源,保护环境,从我们身边的小事做起,做一个“低碳生活”的中学生。请以“My Low--carbon Life”为题,写一篇短文描述自己的“低碳生活”。
My Low-carbon Life
The environmental pollution is worse and worse today. Many trees are cut down, and water and air are polluted. As a student I try to have a low-carbon life to save energy and reduce pollution.
Firstly, I often walk to school. It can reduce air pollution. Secondly, I always turn off the lights and fans when leaving the classroom. Thirdly, I always make full use of paper and other school things and never waste water.
I wish more students to join me and make the earth more and more beautiful.
每当朋友之间即将分手的时候,耳边常常会响起这首歌“朋友啊朋友!你可曾想起了我,如果你正享受幸福,请你忘记我……”。请你以 Friends 为题,写一篇 90 词左右的短文,可以围绕主题适当展开,阐述交友的重要性和好处。
What are friends? We often talk about the topic with others. I think friends are those people who can help you when you are in trouble. Don't forget the saying, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” Friends can tell you your mistakes, though what they say is hard for you to listen to. You can share your happiness, trouble and worry with friends. Someone also says, “You can't walk any step without a friend.” So I think friends are very important to us. I would like to make as many friends as possible.
某英语报开展“How to Deal with Our Study Problems”征文比赛,请你根据提示的内容,简要描述并适当发表自己的观点,写一篇英语短文。内容要点如下:
1. 尽管我们常常感到有压力,但是应该找到合适的方式来解压。可以选择穿像蓝色和白色一样的冷色调来使我们自己感到放松;
2. 我们应该足够细心,因为“失之毫厘,谬以千里”;
3. 也应该在课业和业余爱好之间取得平衡,试着安排好自己的空余时间;
4. 任何时候都不要失去信心。通过努力学习,我们会取得大的进步。
How to Deal with Our Study Problems
Although we often feel stressed, we should find suitable ways to deal with stress. We can wear calm colours like blue and white to make us feel relaxed. We should be careful enough, because “a miss is as good as a mile”. We should also achieve a balance between schoolwork and hobbies. Try to plan your spare time well. Don’t lose
heart at any time. You will make great progress through hard work.
When having problems, we can ask people around us for help. It's not wise to keep our worries to ourselves.
保护环境,人人有责”,你想成为一名绿色使者吗?请行动起来吧!其实,环保就在我们身边。请以“How to Be a Greener Person” 为题,写一篇短文。
2.短文词数 90 左右。文章开头已给出,不计入总词数。
参考词汇:draw, both sides of paper, plastics, water tap, collect, waste, can, sort
How to be a greener person
It’s our duty to protect the inviyonment around us.
When we go to school, we should ride a bike or take a bus. When we go out for activities, we shouldn’t step on the grass. We can’t draw everywhere. When we go shopping, we'd better use a cloth bag. At home we can save water and electricity. When we leave a room, we should turn off the ligts. At school we can collect wast paper and recycle things, such as bottles, cans and plastic bags. We shoudn’t listen to pop music or spit in pulic.
Let's do something to protect our environment.
请以“My Favourite Great Book”为题, 根据下面的问题写一篇短文, 注意适当表达自己的看法。
1. Who is the writer of the great book?
2. What is the main idea of the book?
3. Who are the important characters?
4. What's the theme of the story?
My Favourite Great Book
My favourite great book is The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain.
Tom Sawyer is a lively and clever boy. He lives with his aunt Polly. His aunt is strict with him, so he runs to an island in the middle of the Mississippi River with two friends, Huck and Joe. With Huck, he goes looking for treasure; with Becky, he gets lost in a cave. And finally Tom and Huck find a box of gold. Tom is the hero of the story, but there are other important characters. Becky is pretty with fair hair. Huck is Tom's best friend, and Injun Joe is the bad man of the story.
The theme of the story is to do with children growing up and becoming more serious.
某英文报社正就青少年与父母关系这一话题开展题为 “How to keep a good relationship with parents”的征文活动。请你根据以下要点, 写一篇短文参加此次活动:
1. 父母规矩太多, 过于强调学习成绩, 不理解自己等问题;
2. 你对这些问题的看法;
3. 你与父母保持良好关系的做法。
How to keep a good relationship with parents
In my opinion, I have too many rules at home. My parents never allow me to go out with my friends at night. They don’t allow me to choose my own clothes, either. And they pay too much attention to my exam results. I think my parents don't quite understand me.
However, I try my best to understand them. Although they don’t allow me to make my own decisions and give me too much pressure, I know that it is because they really love me and want me to have a bright future.
In order to keep a good relationship with my parents, I study hard, listen to them, talk to them as friends, tell them my troubles, and help them do more housework.
实现有效的沟通,建立良好的人际关系,不仅要善于表达,更要善于倾听。请你根据表格中所提供的信息,写一篇题为“Being a Good Listener”的英文演讲稿。
Being a Good Listener
Good afternoon, everyone!
Today I'd like to share my ideas of “Being a Good Listener” with you.
Good listening can always show respect and build good relationships with people.
Parents should listen to their children, so they will understand them better and trust each other. Teachers should also listen to their students so that they can increase their understanding and improve relationships. Students should listen to their classmates, then their friendship will be increased and they will help each other.
We'd better be patient while listening. Don’t forget to keep silent while listening. In a word, good listening can really make us get closer to each other.
Thank you for your listening!
1.慎重交友 2.遇险报警 3.安全饮食 4. 其他(1-2 点)
参考词汇:be careful, on line, danger, call...for, go bad
How to keep safe?
As teenagers, we should always keep safety in mind. But how can we keep safe? Here are some of my suggestions.
First, we should be careful when we make friends, especially on line. Second, if we are in danger, we must call the police for help in time so that we can keep ourselves safe. Also,we ought to eat healthily and safely. Eating food that goes bad will do harm to our health. Last but not least, summer is coming, and we must remember it's dangerous to swim in the river.
In short, safety must come first !
你喜欢阅读吗?请你以 “Reading---A good Habit” 为题写一篇有关阅读的短文。
1. 你的阅读习惯(喜欢的书籍、阅读的时间地点、购书方式等等)。
2. 阅读带给你什么益处(至少两点)。
3. 号召大家都读书。
Reading---A good Habit
Reading is a very good habit. I like reading very much. In my eyes, I think that forming a good reading habit is necessary for us. It can not only improve our knowledge but also make us to think over more different things efficiently.
Besides, we can do some reading every time when we are free. For example, I often read some of my favorite books in my spare time both at home or in the library. What I like most are story books because most of them are quite interesting. Now I often buy my favorite books on line for its big discount.
Finally, I like to share my favorite books with our family or my classmates. Since reading can benefits us a lot, it's time for us to have our good reading habit now!
假设你叫李华,你们市将要举行以“How to Eat in a Healthy Way”为题的演讲比赛,请你准备写一篇演讲稿,内容包括:
1.说明此次演讲的主题(how to eat in a healthy way)。
How to Eat in a Healthy Way
Hello, everybody. I'm Li Hua.Today my topic is how to eat in a healthy way.
Firstly, we should never eat fried food or foods with lots of sugar because they are not good for health.Secondly, try to eat more vegetables and fruit.Because they can make us become much healthier.
My eating habits are good.For example, I often eat healthy foods, like wholemeal bread, eggs, vegetables and milk for breakfast and rice, noodles, and vegetables for dinner.
I hope everyone can eat in a healthy way.
作家雨果说过:“开启人类智慧的钥匙有三把,一是字母,二是数字,三是音符。”从这句话中,我们足可见音乐对人的发展的影响。请你根据以下提示,以 Music 为题,写一篇短文参加学校的英语作文竞赛。
提示:1. 音乐使人充满活力,让人快乐;
2. 没有音乐,生活就没有乐趣;
3. 你最喜欢的音乐是......
4. 你不能忍受的音乐是......
I like music very much. It gives me energy when I’m tired and it makes me happy when I'm sad. Music is very important in our life. If there is no music, our life won't be so interesting. Different people like different kinds of music. I like electronic music that's loud. It makes me excited. I also like music that I can dance to. The Cool Kids is my
favorite band. I can't stand music that is quiet and slow. It makes me sleepy.
为了使同学们与人交往时举止更加文雅,你校学生会正在举办以“How to behave well?”为主题的英语征文比赛,请你写一篇短文。(以上背景内容无需表述)
How to behave well
Behaving well is the secret of getting on well with others.
As a student,I think it’s very important to do everything on time and keep promises. Never lie to others or say dirty words. We should be polite to others and ready to help people in need. We’d better not talk loudly in public. Don’t throw litter or spit about. And remember to obey traffic rules.
Finally,learn to work with others. We need good teamwork in our life.
请根据以下提示信息以 My favourite movie star 为题,用英语写一篇 80 词左右的短文,可适当发挥。
☆ Who is your favourite movie star?
☆ What does he or she look like?
☆ What do you think is his or her best movie?
☆ Why do you like him or her?
My favourite movie star
My favourite movie star is Jackie Chan. He has won many prizes. He is famous not only in China, but also in other countries.
Jackie Chan is not very tall. He has black hair and a big nose. His eyes are not big, but bright. He always smiles, especially after he beats bad men. Most of his movies are exciting. I think his best movie is Police Story. He often gives money to help poor people, so I like him very much.
天下最伟大的爱就是母爱。假设你是李静,母亲节就要到了,你们班将举办以 What will you do for Mum?为题的英语演讲比赛。请你准备一篇 80 词左右的演讲稿参加比赛。
What will you do for Mum
Hello, class. I'm Li Jing. Mother's Day is coming.
I'm going to do something for my mum on that day.
My mum likes flowers, so I'll buy some beautiful ones for her. I’ll cook a delicious dinner after school. Our family will get together and have dinner happily. Also, I'll send my mum a card and say “Happy Mother's Day” to her. 
I love my mum very much and I'll study hard to make her proud of me one day.
Thanks for your attention.
亲爱的同学们,课余时间、周末、假期,你们通常都是怎样度过的呢?请以“My Free Time”为题,写一篇短文。
信息提示:1. 参加运动,强身健体;2. 娱乐活动,放松心情;3. 做家务,帮助父母;4. 课外阅读,开拓视野。
My Free Time
I have lots of things to do in my free time.
Usually I take exercise after school so that I can keep healthy and study better. Sometimes I listen to the music for a while, which is a good way to relax myself. Of course, I help my parents with the housework at the weekends too. When I get tired, I would like to sit by the balcony and read books such as a novel, a science fiction, or even a poem. Reading calms my heart down and satisfies my hunger for knowledge.
I love my free time because I enjoy the freedom.
每一个人,每一个国家,都拥有梦想。“中国梦”是目前最热的话题。作为中学生,你是如何理解中国梦的?你的中国梦是什么呢?为实现你的梦想,你将怎么做呢?假设你叫李红(Li Hong),请以“My Dream”为题,写一篇不少于 100 词的英语短文。
要求:1. 条理清楚,有表明自己观点的句子。
2. 书写工整,句式规范,标点符号和大小写使用正确。
3. 短文中应尽量包括提示内容,可适当发挥,但不能出现真实的人名、地名。
4. 参考词汇:China dream,come true ,achieve one’s dreams., give up, hold on to, make up of
My Dream
Everyone has his dreams. As young students, we have many kinds of dreams. These dreams are our China dreams. The dreams can be very big, and they can also be small. In fact ,a big dream is made up of many small dreams.
My name's Li Hong. I also have a dream. I dream of becoming a great scientist. From now on, I have to study hard to achieve my dream. I must learn as much as I can. When I meet any difficulty, I won't give it up , I must get it over .
I'm sure it's very important to dream,. Some dreams are more realistic, others are not. No matter what our dreams are, we should hold on to them, they can just come true one day.
在不同的地方有不同的风俗习惯,饮食文化很重要。中国的饮食文化不同于西方。请你谈谈中国的三餐,以“when you in China, do as the Chinese do!” 为题写一篇短文。
When in China, do as the Chinese do
Meals in China are different in some ways from meals in the West.
In China, lunch is usually served around 12 o'clock.As for dinner, Chinese people eat it much earlier than people in the West.Chopsticks are used to eat most food.Generally, for dinner, there'll be lots of different dishes, not just three courses.Besides, Chinese people like to talk about food, so it's a good topic during a meal.
The golden rule is: when you're in China, watch the Chinese and do as they do!
养成良好的生活习惯和学习习惯,对于我们每一位学生成长很有帮助。请根据提示要点用英语写一篇词数 90 左右的短文,发表在学校网站上。
1)在生活方面:①健康饮食 ②经常锻炼 ③利用好时间
2)在学习方面:①课前预习 ②认真听讲 ③独立作业
(三) 谈谈你的感受
A Good Habit, a Successful School Life
A habit is something that you do often or regularly almost without thinking, especially something that is hard to stop doing.
In our daily life, we ought to keep a healthy diet.Also, it's necessary for us to exercise a lot.And we should learn to make good use of our time.In our school life, we should prepare well for each lesson.In class, we must listen to the teacher carefully.Besides, it's important for us to do our homework on our own.
In a word, good habits can help us learn things better and improve our skills.We can learn to control ourselves if we have good habits.
I think good habits are really good for our mind and body.
It's very important to learn to share with each other.
I have many things to share in different ways.For example,I can share some beautiful pictures,favorite music,different ideas with others face to face or by QQ.e-mail which are widely used. Now I'd like to share one of my unforgettable experiences with you.
Emily was lonely and unhappy.I hoped to cheer her up.So I shared my favorite books and chatted with her after class.As time went by,she became used to sharing her feelings with me.Now we're good friends.
In a word,sharing is not only interesting but also helpful and it makes us grow up.We can learn a lot from sharing and enjoy our lives more.
近年来我国的发展世人瞩目,中国的传统文化正越来越受到各国朋友的关注。请根据提示,以“The Spring Festival”为题写一篇短文,向外国朋友介绍我国的春节。根据所给要点及参考词汇,可适当发挥。
①春节是中国农历年(the lunar year)的第一天;
③除夕(On Chinese New Year’s Eve):家人团员(get together), 吃年夜饭(big dinner),守夜(stay up till midnight), 放烟花鞭炮(play fireworks and crackers);
④大年初一(the first day):穿新衣(put on new clothes),向父母拜年(greet parents),收压岁钱(get lucky money)
The Spring Festival
In China, the Spring festival is the first day of the lunar year. People usually start preparing for the festival one month before it comes. They prepare delicious food, and clean and decorate their homes.
On Chinese New Year’s Eve, the family all get together for a big dinner. They stay up till midnight, and then play fireworks and crackers for good luck. On the first day of the lunar New Year, children
put on their new clothes and greet their parents. They are very happy to get lucky money from them.
三年的初中生活即将结束,静坐在考场中的你,一定会思绪万千。三年来,你在学习、生活等方面取得了优异的成绩,这些成绩的背后有老师的辛勤教诲、家长的次次鼓励,还有……现在想来你很感谢他们。请以“Thank you,my...”为题写一篇英语短文。
要求如下:1. 短文内容应包括人物的外貌、性格、爱好和使你难忘之处等;
2. 短文中不得出现真实的校名和人名;
3. 词数 80 左右。
【范文 1】
Thank you,My English teacher
I should say “thank you”to my English teacher.
He's a tall man with thick glasses. He likes sports and often plays football and basketball with us. He's humorous and always makes his classes lively and interesting. He's kind but strict with us. He never allows us to pretend that we know what we don’t know. He often tells us that it's no use memorizing new words without understanding. My English has greatly improved with his help.I think he is the best in my mind.
I will remember him forever.
【范文 2】
Thank You,My Mother
Wherever we are today, whatever we are, we owe it to our parents who have given and taught us so much, so we should thank them, especially, thank our mother.
I think my mother is one of the best mothers in the world. She is the busiest one in my family. She does chores for the family and cares about my study. She has taught me a lot. She does lots of things for me,but she never wants anything in return.
How will I show my thanks to my mother? First,this year,I am going to give her a surprise birthday party and buy her a special present. Second,I'll do well in school. Third,I'll help her do housework when I'm free. I want to make her happy.
In a word,I love my mother.
假如你是李华,是一名初中生。随着科技的发展,iPad 已成为中学生的新宠。用 iPad 既可以听音乐,阅读纯文本电子书,又可以玩电子游戏。 请你用英语给某英语报社写一篇短文,谈谈中学生使用iPad 的利弊。短文内容必须包括以下几点:
1. 使用 iPad 对学习的好处;
2. 对课堂纪律和学习可能产生的负面影响;
3. 提出自己的建议并说明理由。
Is iPad good or bad for middle school students
   I'm a junior high school student named Li Hua. Now many students have iPads and they think it's a fashion to use them. Using an iPad, we can listen to music, download a lot of learning materials and read them on the screen. Apparently, it's helpful to our study, especially to our English listening.
Some students, however, bring their iPads to the classroom and listen to music without earphones, which makes the teacher and other students greatly annoyed. Some of them even waste precious time in class playing video games.
In my opinion, as students, we should make good use of iPads to help achieve academic success. The classroom is a place for students to study, and therefore concentration is awfully needed for us to learn our lessons. Furthermore, the school should make a rule to guide the students to use iPads in a proper way.

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